Eric Allan
Professor and Head of the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services group at IPS-UNIBE.
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Eric and I are working on the PaNDiv experiment, that he leads in Bern, trying to disentangle the mechanisms by which coexistence and, thereby, biodiversity is maintained, focusing on the effects of nitrogen deposition and pathogens (see Research for details).


Anne Kempel
Postdoc researcher at the Institute of Plant Sciences (University of Bern).
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Anne KEMPEL | PostDoc Position | Post doctoral fellow | Community Ecology

I met Anne in Sweden when I was doing my Erasmus+ Internship. Now, we are working together on a paper about species’ functional traits and multispecies coexistence, using data from the PaNDiv experiment.


Xoaquín Moreira
Científico Titular en la Misión Biológica de Galicia (MBG-CSIC)
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Xoaquín works on a topic that I find fascinating, plant communication. Together, we are interested in understanding how plants communicate in response so specific hazards (herbivores, pathogens) and, particularly, how this affects plants’ ability to coexist.


Nicolas Gross
Researcher at INRA UREP in Clermont-Ferrand
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With Nico Gross, we are collaborating on a project to understand which is the relative contribution to plant species coexistence of plant-herbivore network structure (connectance, nestedness, modularity) vs. the variability of the interaction strength of the different herbivores. We are taking advantage of a wonderful experiment that Nico’s groups carried out in Chizé (FR), in which they modified the functional diversity of 6 grasshopper species and monitored plant performance for two years.


María J. (Chus) I. Briones
Full professor at Universidade de Vigo
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maria_ji_briones.jpgChus, her PhD student Raquel Juan-Ovejero, and I have been collaborating since my very first beginning in science (not so much time ago, though). I developed my BSc and MSc thesis under her supervision, working on peatlands from the NW of Spain, first uncovering the huge diversity of soil fauna (specially microarthropods) and second trying to reveal which factors are the most relevant triggering carbon losses from these global reservoirs.

Carol M. Frost
Assistant professor at the University of Alberta
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Carol and I have been collaborating since I went to Umeå for my Erasmus+ Internship. She was working on how the invasive fire ant (Wasmannia aeropunctata) affects the biodiversity and functioning of the rainforest at New Caledonia, and I identified the litter fauna from her samples for this project.