This is a brief record of my outreach activities. I believe letting people know of research advances must be a priority for scientists, preferably in tight collaboration with scientific disseminators and foundations!

Dec. 2017Infoday on Twitter about the Spanish #FPU2017 PhD contracts

The Department of Postgraduate Studies of the Spanish National Research Council (@DPE_CSIC) invited me to take part in the infoday on Twitter about the Spanish FPU PhD contracts. Here you can find the link to my Twitter thread (in Spanish!):


Nov. 2017 – Café con Ciencia 2017 (Fundación Descubre)

Under the initiative Café con Ciencia, Oscar Godoy and I were widely talking to a short group of high-school students about how species diversity is maintained while enjoying some sweet drinks and snacks. A lot of fun looking at samples of grasshoppers, floral visitors and litter mesofauna!