In preparation (4):

5. – Granjel RR, Allan E, Godoy O. The effects of nitrogen enrichment and pathogen release on coexistence. [Temporary title.]

4.- Granjel RR, Gross N, Badenhausser I, Godoy O. How the interaction network determines the herbivory effects on plant coexistence. [Temporary title.]

3.- Juan-Ovejero R, Granjel RR¹, Piñol J, Barreal ME, Benito E, and Briones MJI. Effects of temperature, moisture and soil biota on carbon transformations in peatland ecosystems. ¹Mostly derived from my MSc thesis.

2.- Frost CM, Jourdan H, Hyodo F, Meunier J-Y, Bourget E, Granjel RR, Kardol P, Gundale M, and Wardle DA. Invasion by the little fire ant (Wasmannia auropunctata) changes biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in the rainforest of New Caledonia.

2017 (1):

1.- Granjel RR¹, Juan-Ovejero R, and Briones MJI. Diversidad edáfica en diferentes hábitats turbosos de la Serra do Xistral, in: Conservación y Gestión de Humedales de Galicia, Ramil-Rego P, Gómez-Orellana L, and Ferreiro da Costa J (eds.). Horreum-Ibader, Lugo, Spain. ¹Derived from my BSc thesis (book chapter in Spanish). [LINK]