Papers In preparation:

Granjel RR, Buche L, García-Callejas D, Spaak J, Godoy O | Spatio-temporal niche and fitness differences’ plasticity

Godoy O, Granjel RR, van der Plas F, Soliveres S, Penone C, Saiz H, Allan E | A reduction in niche differences explains the decrease in species diversity with land use intensity

Granjel RR, Allan E, Godoy O | The consequences of nitrogen enrichment and foliar fungal pathogens suppression for multispecies coexistence in grasslands

Granjel RR, Gross N, Godoy O | Of herbivory and the mechanisms behind plant biodiversity maintenance

Frost CM, Jourdan H, Hyodo F, Meunier J-Y, Bourget E, Granjel RR, Kardol P, Gundale M, and Wardle DA | Invasion by the little fire ant (Wasmannia auropunctata) changes biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in the rainforest of New Caledonia

Published articles:

2 | Moreira X, Granjel RR, de la Fuente M, Fernández-Conradi P, Pasch V, Soengas P, Turlings TCJ, Vázquez-González C, Abdala-Roberts L, Rasmann S | 2020 | Apparent inhibition of induced plant volatiles by a fungal pathogen prevents airborne communication between potato plants | Plant, Cell & Environment, 1-10 | DOI

1 | Juan-Ovejero R, Granjel RR, Ramil-Rego P, and Briones MJI | 2020 | The interplay between abiotic factors and below-ground biological interactions regulates carbon exports from peatlands | Geoderma, 368: 114313 | DOI

Book chapters:

1.- Granjel RR*, Juan-Ovejero R, and Briones MJI. (2017). Diversidad edáfica en diferentes hábitats turbosos de la Serra do Xistral, in: Conservación y Gestión de Humedales de Galicia, Ramil-Rego P, Gómez-Orellana L, and Ferreiro da Costa J (eds.). Horreum-Ibader, Lugo, Spain. *Derived from my BSc thesis (book chapter in Spanish). [LINK]